Thursday, August 11, 2005

SALI now Johnson in race for 1st CD

SPUD NOTES: Rep. Bill Sali (R-Kuna) filed to run for Idaho's First Congressional District, now state controller Keith Johnson has thrown his hat in the ring, too.

Betsy Russell, of the Spokesman Review, posts the Johnson information on her blog Eye On Boise. [See sidebar for future reference.]

You can read her blog story by clicking the headline. [Photo: Sali]

One odd thing, though, she writes:
"Sorensen seems to be the best-informed of the lot – once again, it was her press release welcoming Johnson and Sali to the race that alerted reporters that they were in, before either had made a formal announcement."

Sali faxed and emailed out his news release last evening. It appears the reporters are not the "best-informed."

My guess is that when a conservative sends out a news release, it is automatically deleted or chucked in the trash can; if the past left-liberal reporting is any indication.

Only when a RINO like Sorenson meows does the press pay attention. Just one man's educated opinion.

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