Friday, August 05, 2005

Atkins Files, Skewered Navels Exposed While Farmers Jump Up and Down in Their Fields

SPUD NOTES: Some spud farmers are reportedly, "jumping up and down in their fields," according to a Magic Valley Times article about the news that the Atkins Diet corporation is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Now, I like spuds as well, if not better than the next guy. My dad made living in part because of spuds. I put myself through college working in spud fields. I've sorted spuds, planted spuds, sprayed spuds and have found some spuds as big as footballs that we would use to play catch with during breaks.

The Atkins diet is said to have put a hurt on spud sales with its low-carb, high fat regiment.

I don't remember, however, the Atkins folks "jumping up and down" in front of their meat lockers when spud farmers were recently struggling with prices so low it cost more to dig them up than they were worth. Some estimates top at a 5% decrease in consumption.

There is a German word, schadenfreude, that means taking joy at another's misfortune.

The smartest man in America, Thomas Sowell, (IMHO) recently penned that the not-so-latest fashion trend is for women to expose their belly-buttons. Some adorn their navels with piercings. Sowell noted it is obvious that in the modicum of good taste, some belly-buttons should be tastefully covered.

I agree. I will do my part for good taste and only expose my navel on the rarest occasions like when swimming or the occasional accidental reveal when my belly pushes my button shirt apart while I'm eating a BBQ hamburger and potato salad at a picnic.

Spud marketers have spent over $5 million in the last two years, hired famed feme fitness body Denise Austin to hawk that 7 oz. taters have only 240 calories. (Let's not add-up the butter, sour cream, ranch dressing or my fav ... cheese! Wink, wink.)

Just say NO to dry potatoes and NO to some exposed belly-buttons and NO to schadenfreude.

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