Friday, August 12, 2005

Revolutions: 1917 Soviet -- 1994 Republican

SPUD NOTES: President of the National Taxpayer's Union, John Berthold, in an article published Aug. 12, 2005 by Human Events stated the following:

"George Orwell’s 1946 classic Animal Farm is a tale of the rising up of the long downtrodden animals to overthrow the hated humans and establish a new order. Under new management, the farm seems to move in the right direction for a while, but the pigs slowly decide that the lifestyle of their former masters was pretty good, and consequently morph into a ruling class indistinguishable from that which they displaced. Originally intended by Orwell to parody the Soviet revolution of 1917, one can now see parallels to the Republican Revolution of 1994. There is no better example of the new management’s taking on the manner of the old regime than the highway bill that President Bush signed this week."

Where do we go to surrender? -- SPUD

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