Friday, August 31, 2007

Otter should pick Ralph Smeed to US Senate

I can't help it ... but I tend to agree with proposal -- should Craig resign -- that an elder statesman pick to succeed would be a sober idea.

I put forth the name of elder statesman and political philosopher, Ralph Smeed of Caldwell.

He'd never run for election and he'd give those cloistered birds at the Senate some freedom principles to think about.

We would have at least 16 months of great entertainment in its most serious form.

SMEED for SENATE -- Make Statism Unpopular!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Conservatives know what the definition of “is” is. Liberals don’t

Republicans, better yet, conservatives, better yet, God-fearing conservatives hold themselves and elected officials they support to a higher standard. That is good and wholesome.

Democrats, better yet, liberals, better yet, “pants-down” liberals don’t really have much of a standard to which they hold their elected officials.

“Pants-down” liberals do get fabulously loud when they divine hypocrisy.

Witness the “pants-down’ers” calling for Sen. Craig to resign because they divined hypocrisy of his opposition to homosexual marriage and now Craig’s famous bathroom event at a problematic airport restroom.

The “pants-down” crowd deems all homosexuals support legalized gay marriage and any deviation of such is hypocrisy.

This is illogical as God-fearing conservatives deeming all “pants-down” liberals as booger-eating morons, knowing full-well that many “pants-downers” don’t eat boogers.

“Pants-down” liberals squeal against peeking into bedrooms, unless someone is storing a firearm there for protection instead of a box of rubbers – now that’s hypocrisy!

God-fearing conservatives are right to hold themselves and their elected officials to a higher standard. We’ve seen numerous conservative politicians fall from popularity while the “pants-down” politicians get re-elected even after a homosexual diddling of a House page or a “boyfriend” running a prostitution ring out of Rep. Barney “the sword swallower” Frank’s apartment.

God-fearing conservatives are the ones creating the double-standard-standard. And, it is a badge of honor to strive to a higher standard ... it is divine.

Who, but the “pant-down” crowd would even listen to their own ilk without feeling creeped out and in dire need of a shower ... (not a golden shower, favored by the pants-downers.)

Let the creeps have their blue dresses stained in the Oval Office or their publicly exposed trysts and lawsuits like Larry LaRocco.

The “pants-down” troupe doesn’t have to tell God-fearing conservatives what the definition of “is” is, unless they are trying to fool them into thinking creeps are OK, especially if their creeps are serving in government office.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

LaRocco likely "Mum" on Craig. Why?

Julie Fanselow works for “pants-down” Larry LaRocco and runs the Red State Rebels blog.

Back when Helen Chenoweth “spanked” incumbent LaRocco, Idaho Statesman’s Dan Popkey outed ol’ Larry and his wandering ways. Larry toured the TV media to explain, but it was too late … he already had a fork in him and he lost.

Julie blogged that in regards to the news about Sen. Craig: “Given my role on the LaRocco campaign, I won't have any comment on the story.”

Don’t look for LaRocco to “comment” on Craig which would open him up for his old news to be recycled.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Sen. Cameron (RINO-Rupert) threatens GOP’ers

Here is more evidence that under the Idaho's current open primary voting scheme anybody and their liberal buddies can “help” Republicans select that party’s nominee at a primary election.

Here comes old “faithful” Dean Cameron, nine-terms of cobwebs and skeletons, with his open threat to the rank-and-file Republicans, who voted to have only Republicans select their nominee at primaries.

GOP’ers voted at the 2006 Idaho State Republican Party Convention to close the primary from just anybody and their liberal buddies. GOP’ers voted at the Central Committee meeting in 2007—and that is the governing body of the Idaho Republican Party – to close the primaries to allow only registered Republicans.

Deano’s threat was reported in the Magic Valley Times on Aug. 16, 2007:

Sen. Dean Cameron, R-Rupert, Idaho's second-most tenured senator, said Wednesday that if the case prevails and Idaho's primary system is found unconstitutional, he expects legislation that will allow independent voters to participate in primary elections.

"If the lawsuit is successful, we will draft legislation to open them to independents," said Cameron.

How’s about grand old Republicans just walking away from his threats and the next time arrogant Dean runs, let the Democrats and independents elect him.

Cameron is ripe to be challenged in 2008 Republican "closed" primary.

Friday, August 17, 2007

ID GOP Chair ticks off faithful while closed primary lawsuit is amended

Update from Rod Beck: GOP Chairman’s “update memo,” and we amend our complaint

August 17th, 2007 by grassrootsidgop

Idaho GOP Chairman Sullivan’s “Closed Primary Update” memo annoys many and bolsters Grassroots amended complaint.

Lots of action and quite a bit to cover in this update …

First, many have read or heard about Idaho GOP Chair J. Kirk Sullivan’s recent memo about Closed Primaries. (Click here). His tone is rather condescending and actually, inadvertently, helps our cause.

He starts out by telling all of us why our ideas about closed primaries are bad. Then Mr. Sullivan tells us how he agreed to be a co-sponsor of a Senate bill that didn’t even get a hearing last session. He said time just ran out.

His claim is in direct contrast to that of the chief sponsor of the closed primary bills, Rep. Marv Hagedorn (R-Meridian) who wrote on his blog about Mr. Sullivan’s memo: “[Sullivan] seemed to ‘forget’ that I and others ran a number of versions of legislative bills starting early during the 2007 session … the same bills he covertly worked against in both the House and Senate.” ...

[Amended Complaint]

Read more ...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I apologize for Larry Grant being a dork


The Honorable Keith Ellison
1130 Longworth House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Congressman Ellison:

On behalf of the people of Idaho’s 1st Congressional District, I would like to apologize for the recent apology of our current loser congressman-wannbee, Larry Grant, regarding your election to Congress.

His apology, at the very least, was thoughtless, uninformed, inappropriate, and rather presumptuous. But given that Larry Grant is a dork, the nature of his apology, i.e, on behalf of someone else, simply reinforces that Larry is not all there and his was simply a hollow political stunt.

We here in Idaho do cherish religious freedom, both yours and ours. Except that the good, peace-loving leaders of Boise City ripped a monument of the Ten Commandments out of a once lovely public park. Not to mention that every five years or so, another attack is launched on the illuminated Cross at Table Rock.

I'm sorry that Larry the Dork wrote: "We applaud anyone who stands up for both peace and freedom, as I know you do. " Larry is so forgetful, he didn't clarify "peace." There is Ronald Reagan's definition of "peace through strength" or the other of "peace through submission."

Best wishes,

Big Rattler

P.S. Did you see Larry at the Daily Kos convention? He was there with his other political brother Larry! They are such a pair ...

Saturday, August 11, 2007

RePork Card from Club for Growth



(A high score means voted against pork-barrel spending)

State------------- Score----Ratio
ID – 1--SALI -------- 94%---47/50

ID -2 --SIMPSON-----4% ---2/50

Sali voted against pork 47 out of 50 times.
Simpson voted 2 times against pork spending.

Friday, August 10, 2007

THE letter-to-the-editor of the Year, so far ...

August 8, 2007

Mr. Dean Stone, Editor
The Daily Times
307 E Harper Ave
Maryville, TN 37804

Subject: Pork Barrel vs. Bridge Repair

Dear Editor,

Nearly $7 million in U.S. Highway Transportation funds were secured by Senator Lamar Alexander for the construction of an unpopular funded Civic Arts Center located on the property of Maryville College. Most local taxpayers objected to the use of local tax money for this building which was not owned by the local governments. The Federal portion was just a forgotten background note as most citizens view Federal money as coming from some free source not directly linked to their tax dollars.

Now comes the Minnesota bridge collapse which is linked to a lack of funding (U.S. Highway Transportation) for repairing bridges. There is such a shortfall in available funding we hear that we might have to raise the Federal gasoline tax (which funds bridge repair). I say baloney! The funding to keep our bridges safe was there until numerous pork barrel projects such as the local Civic Arts Center robbed the funds.

Now to be sure, Lamar is not the only Senator to “bring home the bacon” from other Federally earmarked funds to his local friends. I am not trying to single him out. However, should Maryville College erect crosses in the lawn of the new Civic Arts Center in memory of the Minnesota people who died because someone took the funds from their bridge repair budget?

The Civic Arts Center was called a transportation improvement program in order to qualify for Federal funding. Was it given a higher priority than the Minnesota bridge? Pork Barrel projects always cost somebody; and some have paid with their lives. Kind of gives one pause before congratulating a politician for “bringing home the bacon”.


W.W. (Sunny) Day
Louisville, TN 37777

Monday, August 06, 2007

Grant, LaRocco got nutroots

Anybody, who knows anything about insider politics (current Idaho GOP elected officials excluded) knows that the Daily Kos is the nutty, nuts of the left "idea and policy fountain" for ultra-leftist nutty ideas. (It used to be the New York Times)
All, repeat all, of the Democratic presidential candidates attended the Daily Kos' annual convention dubbed the Yearly Kos. They refer to themselves as Kossacks.

The groovy Idahoans attending were Larry LaRocco and Larry Grant, a.k.a "My brother Larry and my other brother Larry."

If you need to read all about it from the nutroots perspective, here is the link to Red State Rebel's blog about her big adventure with the Kossacks.