Monday, August 20, 2007

Sen. Cameron (RINO-Rupert) threatens GOP’ers

Here is more evidence that under the Idaho's current open primary voting scheme anybody and their liberal buddies can “help” Republicans select that party’s nominee at a primary election.

Here comes old “faithful” Dean Cameron, nine-terms of cobwebs and skeletons, with his open threat to the rank-and-file Republicans, who voted to have only Republicans select their nominee at primaries.

GOP’ers voted at the 2006 Idaho State Republican Party Convention to close the primary from just anybody and their liberal buddies. GOP’ers voted at the Central Committee meeting in 2007—and that is the governing body of the Idaho Republican Party – to close the primaries to allow only registered Republicans.

Deano’s threat was reported in the Magic Valley Times on Aug. 16, 2007:

Sen. Dean Cameron, R-Rupert, Idaho's second-most tenured senator, said Wednesday that if the case prevails and Idaho's primary system is found unconstitutional, he expects legislation that will allow independent voters to participate in primary elections.

"If the lawsuit is successful, we will draft legislation to open them to independents," said Cameron.

How’s about grand old Republicans just walking away from his threats and the next time arrogant Dean runs, let the Democrats and independents elect him.

Cameron is ripe to be challenged in 2008 Republican "closed" primary.

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