Tuesday, August 28, 2007

LaRocco likely "Mum" on Craig. Why?

Julie Fanselow works for “pants-down” Larry LaRocco and runs the Red State Rebels blog.

Back when Helen Chenoweth “spanked” incumbent LaRocco, Idaho Statesman’s Dan Popkey outed ol’ Larry and his wandering ways. Larry toured the TV media to explain, but it was too late … he already had a fork in him and he lost.

Julie blogged that in regards to the news about Sen. Craig: “Given my role on the LaRocco campaign, I won't have any comment on the story.”

Don’t look for LaRocco to “comment” on Craig which would open him up for his old news to be recycled.


Julie in Boise said...

I've left the LaRocco campaign to start a new job.

As for your attempts to bring up the past, I'll just say that Larry and Chris LaRocco celebrated their 40th anniversary last weekend.

I note that you make no mention of Helen Chenoweth's numerous affairs.

Big Rattler said...


Helen won't be commenting on Larry Craig, nor is she running for office. She died in a car wreck, remember.

One good rule of thumb is ... when God lays his hands on someone, we should take ours off.