Friday, August 31, 2007

Otter should pick Ralph Smeed to US Senate

I can't help it ... but I tend to agree with proposal -- should Craig resign -- that an elder statesman pick to succeed would be a sober idea.

I put forth the name of elder statesman and political philosopher, Ralph Smeed of Caldwell.

He'd never run for election and he'd give those cloistered birds at the Senate some freedom principles to think about.

We would have at least 16 months of great entertainment in its most serious form.

SMEED for SENATE -- Make Statism Unpopular!

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Chris said...

Big Rattler is exactly correct. Ralph Smeed is the most principled defender of liberty, free markets, limited government and secure property rights in Idaho. It is because of Ralph that Butch Otter understands these principles even though he rarely follows them. Appointing Ralph as Idaho's junior Senator would confirm Butch's belief in those principles. Along with Senator Tom Coburn, the Senate would have another member who despises encroaching government...and loves liberty.