Friday, July 24, 2009

Prof. Gates: Ungrateful clod

Hot-headed Harvard elitist Henry Louis Gates Jr. demonstrated that he doesn't have the temperament to appreciate what happened the night he was arrested.
The fact is an officer responded to a call that a house might be in the process of being looted.
It takes a lot of training to know how walk into such a situation and still be able to go home after one's police shift and see your wife and kids.  This happens everyday across the land.
But the bone-headed professor who has spent his life studying "race," missed and rejected a perfect opportunity.
Why didn't the "good" professor simply THANK the officer for responding to the call and for protecting his property?
Given the professor's actions, he should never complain about slow and delayed police responses in other areas of the country.
Apologize NOW Mr. Harvard elitist, Henry Louis Gates Jr.
Finally, comedian Chris Rock produced a hilarious video titled: "How not to get your ass kicked by the police!"
In that video, Rock advises one to, "be polite," something Gates refused to do.


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