Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A man is a boy, is a dog, is a bug

"A man is a boy, is a dog, is a bug," or some such famous nonsense was said by a ding-a-ling enviro mental-case activist.

Another Margaret Sanger type "nature above man" eugenicist was asked if a grizzly attacked his son, would he shoot the grizzly? He replied that it is more important that the bear live. <Thanks, Dad! Does your coffee taste bitter?>

A recent bear mauling in E. Idaho just across the border from Yellowstone Park has generated numerous "man is the problem" news and blogger reports.

Here are a couple samples:

Bear Found, and it's OK

Grizzly that Attacked Hound Hunter Found Alive and Well with Her 3 Cubs

And, to round off my point, in one of the same blogs right below the "bear better than man" post comes:

Enviros back (pro-abort) Sotomayor for Supreme Court

Why is it that few if any of these earth worshippers don't volunteer to purge themselves to protect the planet; or reject the man-made, earth-scaring, pollution generating mining of metals that are used in the production of modern day dentistry tools?

Talk to the hand ...

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