Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sen. Gary Schroeder is ideologically blinded

Idaho State Senator Gary Schroeder (R-Peoples Republic of Moscow) is blind-in-one-eye-and-can’t-see-out-of-the-other. He has been repeatedly endorsed by the ultra-leftist teachers’ union. He is the apple of the liberal’s eye, and he also fancies himself as a Republican.

Schroeder is quoted in the July 26, 2007 Lewiston Tribune blathering about how closed primaries in Idaho may cost some people their jobs. Maybe he was talking about himself:

Schroeder worries people like judges or state government employees would stop voting in primaries if they must register with a party.

Idaho had three different governors in the space of a year and Statehouse workers lost their jobs as a result, Schroeder said.

"The Capitol Boulevard is running with blood," Schroeder said. "People lose their jobs because they're in the wrong party... and if you register, they know what party you're in."
Schroeder should take back his vile words. “Running with blood” is a crude insult to Idaho governors and this from a Senate committee chairman.

After taking back his words, Schroeder might detect that he has been silent on plentiful examples of ideological discrimination.


[Well-known national columnist Robert] Novak blamed liberal discrimination which he said forces young conservatives to remain "in the closet" if they hope to have a career in media.

"One of the big differences in 50 years is that the liberals have now filtered into the executive ranks of journalism. And so if you go into journalism now not in the closet but out in the open as a conservative, you're going to have a hard time getting a job, believe me." (Source: Media Research Center)

Academia: (University of Idaho included)

Thus, academic hiring committees are elitist and self-selecting, and function like medieval guilds to insulate themselves from external scrutiny. Once an academic hire is made, faculty "tenure" provides lifetime employment to the competent and the incompetent, the scholar and the ideologue alike. This means that outside the hard sciences and practical professions, there is no bottom-line in the university for bad ideas or discredited doctrines. Working in combination with these academic realities, the tolerant attitudes of a free society have made it possible for ideological minorities in the social sciences and related fields to enforce a political conformity otherwise incomprehensible in a modern democracy.

As a result, while the red and blue electoral map reveals an America that is almost evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats, in the nation's universities Republicans (and conservatives) have become almost as rare as unicorns. In most schools, Republicans are less well represented than Greens, Marxists and sects of the far left. This is an indefensible situation with far-reaching implications.

(Source: David Horowitz from his book "You Can't Get a Good Education If They're Only Telling You Half the Story.")