Monday, July 16, 2007

Grassroots Idaho GOP file lawsuit for party registration

The liberals are screaming (as usual) that the rotten grassroots members of the Idaho Republican Party have filed suit in Federal Court to require that only declared Republicans be permitted to vote to select the Republican candidates in the Primary Election to represent them in the General Election.

Seems the liberals and RINO's (that's Republicans In Name Only) are witnessing the fact that they will no longer be able to count on cross-over voting in the primary to get elected ... and that means ... the gig is up.

The grassroots GOP'ers believe is it wrong in principle for liberals and their comrades to have a hand in selecting their choice of candidates to face the liberals in the General Election.

In other words, why should the a team have the ability to help select their opponent's starting line-up?

Go to Grassroots Idaho GOP for all the latest news on this important issue.

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