Thursday, April 12, 2007

Nancy Van (Pelosi) norsdel -- Pres. Boise Metro Chamber of Statists

The Boise Metro Chamber of Statists Businessmen (read, Business-people-non-gender-specific-politically-correct-application-of-descriptive-nouns-where-is-Helen-Chenoweth-Hage-when-you-need-her) has again proven that their cabal has no interest anymore in liberty, freedom and the free-market. Instead, their statist leader is teat-high in the government slop-trough.

That "slop" was once a hard-earned, pristine dollar that had huge potential to accelerate through the free-market place, is now just another ration of prisoner chow spooned out by government commissars to members of the Boise Metro Chamber of Statists in the form of government projects and regulatory protection rackets.

Nancy Vannorsdel, who leads the Boise Chamber, wrote a guest editorial in the Idaho Statesman on April 1, 2007 where she shamelessly pronounced: "The days are long gone when pro-business meant laissez-faire."

First, she must know about (and rejected) the economic principle of "laissez-faire" which means minimalist government and maximum liberty especially in private trade.

Second, she announces that pro-business no longer means free-trade rather it now means government restricted trade via regulations that benefit the "incumbent businesses" by creating regulatory "barriers to entry into trade."

Nobel Laureate F.A. Hayak said, "Sometimes I think the biggest challenge is to convince businessmen themselves in the merit of what they do."

The very principle of free-trade, laissez-faire, minimum government interference in the marketplace is the only salvation for a country whose been sold this Vannoresdel/Pelosi/Clinton slop for years; a country whose unfunded liabilities (in ascending order) of government pensions, social security, and Medicaid/Medicare now equal or exceed the entire net worth of the total United States of America economy.

Teat-sloppers like Vannoresdel haven't got a clue, they are just in it for the quick buck. No wonder the Democrats took over congress from a hapless GOP, the likes of whom Vannoresdel gets her skewed ideas from.

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