Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Idaho Conservative Scorecard -- Just Released

This Idaho Conservative Scorecard is very informative plus easy to read and understand.

I highly recommend clicking the links to the Idaho House and the Idaho Senate.

Idaho House Conservative Scorecard

Idaho Senate Conservative Scorecard

Quick analysis using the compiled scorecard information and institutional memory:

1. The Idaho House is more conservative than the Idaho Senate. (It really should have the average score included. I did the calculations and the House Average is 62% while the Senate drops to 57%). Still the House cannot be considered "conservative" in spite of what the liberal drive-by-media or old liberal X-Gov. Phil Batt has to say.

2. It helps confirm who the conservative are (read, non-RINOs) plus a few surprises.

Those statesman with 100% are:

House -- Harwood, Nonini (surprise!), Shepherd, Vander Woude (good freshman work), Marriot, and of course the liberty torch-bearer Lenore Barrett.

Senate -- Monty Pearce and Russ Fulcher

3. No reason to list the flaming liberal legislators with 0% or nearby except to say that the following liberal Republican should change party affiliations to the Green or Democratic. They bring shame and dishonor to the GOP Platform: Sens. Charlie Coiner and Joe Stegner (and he's in leadership ... where do we go to surrender?); Reps. Jerry Shively and Max Black.

4. Idaho Conservatives have as their #1 task -- starting right now -- is to get a rule passed in the Idaho GOP Central Committee authorizing party registration for primary elections. The Idaho Senate leadership failed to protect our First Amendment Rights to Free Assembly as demonstrated by the rank-and-file GOP'ers officially voting overwhelmingly for party registration at their 2006 convention in Idaho Falls.

The United States Supreme Court ruled that a political party determines how they select their candidates for the general election, not the so-called public servants a.k.a. state legislators and the Sec. of State. The state's only compelling interest is that elections be honest, orderly and with a fair count of the votes. The party's constitutional rights as ruled by the United States Supreme Court is to tell the state how it wants to select it's candidates.

The failure of the Idaho Senate is a direct slap-in-the-face to all Republicans. Their arrogance is that they want to control the party, and the hell with the constitution, and the hell with the rank-and-file Republicans.

5. Obviously, the other task for Idaho Conservatives is to un-elect many of the arrogant, the hell with the constitution Idaho senators.

6. Given the above success, Idaho may again be a state that respects individual liberty, freedom. Too much government greed in the ranks today. It feels creepy in Idaho with Big Brother not caring even about the First Amendment's right to free assembly.

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