Friday, August 21, 2009

Interesting ... a Car Lotto

Here's how the National Car-Lotto works: $1 tickets are sold nationwide every week. We take the average price of every model sold by GM, Ford, and Chrysler-say that is $25,000, with taxes, tag, dealer fees and extended warranties included. For every 25,000 tickets sold, one lucky winner gets the American-made car of his or her choice with all the additional fees covered and no tax liability until they sell or trade their win. 

With an advertising blitz on radio, TV, newspapers and the web, our big three could raffle off thousands of cars every week-30,000 cars is a reasonable goal, each one paid in full upfront with the lotto money. 

Everybody wins! Consumers get the car of their choice-a youngster in school might want a Ford Focus, someone else a Chrysler Sebring convertible, a family of five, a GM Hybrid Yukon. Regardless, each car comes fully loaded! The American public-not the White House-decides which manufacturers survive and thrive.

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