Sunday, September 09, 2007

Why I need a small radio-type production studio

Proposed Ad:
Music:  The Old Spice commercial music
Do you like whales ... Do you like high-caliber machine guns ...
Do you love to partake in cultural events ....
Well come on down to Neah Bay, Washington for the cultural experience of a lifetime.
Captian Mac the Makah will take you and you family out into the beautiful bay in his luxurious charter boat
You and the kiddies can strafe the living hell out of mother natures most beloved gray whale.
There the bow mounted 50 caliber for Dad ... a wide assortment of M-16 and AKs for Mom and the teenagers.
Captain Mac even has some good old .22's for the youngsters.
Daring ... Captain Mac will set you up with a native Makah Tribe harpoon, blessed by the local medicine man.
What could be better.
See you at Neah Bay and ask for Captain Mac.
You will have one whale of a cultural time!

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